Thursday, March 18, 2010

Didier Drogba Sees Red Again

Didier Drogba received a red card in the dying minute of their Europa League match against Inter Milan Tuesday night to bring his record to 3 red cards in the last three editions of the competition. It’s on record that Drogba got a red card in their final match against Manchester United in Moscow in 2008, then another one on the day of their exit at the semi final stage against FC Barcelona in 2009.

The culprit in this case has always been Drogba’s uncontrollable temperament. His retaliation against Christiano Ronaldo at Moscow saw him forfeiting the opportunity to participate in the deciding penalty shoot outs. He watched from the bench as his team lost the crucial match to Manchester United. Had he participated in the penalty shoot out perhaps things would not go that way. In 2009 it was his arrogant behaviour and challenge against the decisions of the centre referee that earned him a red card even after the match was over. That also earned him four game bans by UEFA and now again he exhibited his usual tantrum when he knew he had gotten a yellow card earlier: he retaliated against a minor foul against him by Thiago Motta and was spotted immediately for yet another red card gift.

Didier Drogba should realize he’s a model and his attitude is directly or indirectly influencing lots of children all over the globe. Besides, as the reigning African Footballer of the year what message has he for the youths when it comes to violence and indecent behaviour? Bagging a red card in every tournament as a result of senseless behaviour does not speak too good of a personality like him. He is a talented footballer no doubt, but adding discipline and self control to his talent would make him much more respected and adored by soccer fans.

I admire drogba a lot and enjoy his games especially his scoring skills and his free kicks; the side I am not comfortable like so many soccer fans is the aspect of his bad temperament. If he puts that aspect away I think we would all enjoy his games even better.

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